Rise & Shine Tire Shine & High Gloss Finish

Eco Auto Clean


Rise & Shine - Tire Shine & High Gloss Interior Finish is a high-shine, water-based silicone emulsion. It cleans, shines and protects rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces. It is an all-purpose dressing made for interior and exterior uses. It dries smooth in about 20 minutes and will not sling up onto the car. Due to its non-greasy, non solvent properties, overspray is easily cleaned up by wiping it.

Rise & Shine is a protectant that guards against UV damage and is specially designed to give you a clean, high-shine look. It is very easy to use. Just Spray on and Walk Away!
Please follow the directions below and on the product label.

  1. Spray Rise & Shine evenly on the tire in a sweeping motion.
  2. If you use a sponge or towels to spread the product around, be sure to lightly spray a second coat on the tire afterwards.
  3. Let the Rise & Shine dry.
  4. Using a towel, remove any overspray on the paint or rims

IMPORTANT: Apply to areas that you do not sit or step on as Rise & Shine tends to be slick. For all Eco Auto Clean products be very aware of the surface you are cleaning. If you feel the surface is too soiled, sandy or gritty…DO NOT USE ECO AUTO CLEAN PRODUCTS on this surface.  Eco Auto Clean products are common sense products. You must first completely remove caked-on dirt, mud, sand or grit with water before using the Rise & Shine product. High polished, chrome rims should be cleaned with great care.

Check out these photos of our Tire Shine as it progressively sets in...
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