How does it work?

Apply the Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash - The Go Green/Get Clean or Nano Wax Formula, onto a folded microfiber, also spray the Waterless Car Wash onto the paint of the vehicle.  Take your damp, folded microfiber and gently rub the product into the paint (When the waterless car wash is applied to the vehicle the special polymers get underneath and around the dirt, bringing the dirt off the paint and creating a protective layer between the dirt and paint - this is called emulsification). The dirt will then be lifted into your 1st microfiber and taken off of the vehicle. Take a 2nd microfiber, also folded, and gently wipe up and excess product and residue. We recommend starting with the roof of the vehicle, then the hood, front bumper, fenders, then work your way around.

Will this scratch my vehicles paint?

Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash products will not scratch your paint when used as directed.  If a vehicle is caked in dirt/mud - we do not recommend using our product. This is a common sense product.

Eco Auto Clean vs Standard Car Washes

Many car washes dilute their soaps and other products to the absolute minimal working level.  Eco Auto Clean strives to bring you nothing but the best with 100% satisfaction.  Once our products have been applied to your vehicle the first and second time, you will notice the longevity of cleanliness the product provides.

Eco Auto Clean's Environmental Lack of Impact

Cleaning a vehicle without water is not the way of the future, it's now! Ever wonder what happens to all the oil, soap and dirty water when you wash your car? It runs off into the sewage system which eventually leads back into our environment.  With our Waterless Car Wash there is virtually no run off.  Everything is collected into your microfiber towels which are then washed in your washing machine, this water is then typically drained to a water treatment facility. Another amazing benefit to using Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash is that you will save 100s + gallons of water! Many car washes use 40 gallons of water per wash, some claim to be eco friendly because they only use 25.  With Eco Auto Clean, a hose is not even needed, nor a bucket of water.  All you need is your bottle of Eco Auto Clean product and you're good to go.

What is the difference between Go Green/Get Clean & Nano Wax Formula?

The Go Green/Get Clean is our best selling, super polymer wash.  This is a lighter product and works in easier.  Great for weekly cleanings. 
The Nano Wax will help bring out the shine, protect your paint and make it more resistant to dirt build up.

Who needs Eco Auto Clean?

Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash popularity and use is rapidly growing and expanding.  These products are perfect for

Do you have videos?

Below are some of our videos. Please look at our Video Page and YouTube Page of our Waterless Car Wash demonstrations for newest updates
Lexus ISF Hood                                                   
Lexus ISF Fender
Mercedes CL65 AMG Wheel Cleaning & Tire Shine
All Purpose Cleaner & 2 Wax Formula
All Purpose Cleaner Interior & Wheel Demo
 All Purpose Cleaner Demo