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User Submitted Photos!

The owner of a Subaru WRX Wagon sent Eco Auto Clean some recent before and after shots of their vehicle.  The before and after shots just show how incredible Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash products are! The outcome is phenomenal!  Check out how great the Go Green/Get Yellow, Two in the Pink 2 Wax formula and the Eco Auto All Purpose clean do their part in cleaning and keeping our environment safe! 

quoted from the car owners post..

"I have been a fan and user of Eco Auto Clean for a while now...but I am just getting around to writing a review.

Everyone is talking about how easy the product is to use, how it won't scratch your paint, how one bottle can clean a car 5+ times, how friendly and professional Justin Bonnett is, how you can clean you car in the garage on cold winter days...this list goes on and on.

I for one did just that...pulled the car out of the garage, took dirty pictures. Put car back in garage and washed the car free of the wind chill. Pulled the car back out and get the idea."

If you have your photos you'd like to submit follow and or like us to connect.

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Subaru WRX Wagon Teaser

A great supporter of Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash products sent us a "teaser" shot of their freshly detailed Subaru.  The Subaru company is such a green car company which is why it deserves the most eco friendly, green, car wash possible.  Take a look at the photo and it's incredible reflection.  We will have more photos to come!  Have your own shot you'd like to share? Like us and find us!


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