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User Submitted Waterless Car Wash Photos!

 Proud users of Eco Auto Clean Waterless Carwash products submit their vehicles and the incredible results! The owner of the Nissan Altima SE R and the owner of a brand new 2012 Subaru BRZ.  Check out the shots below for the incredible results!


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Waterless Car Wash Review from Highlite Motorsports

 Eco Auto Clean recently delivered a bottle of our best selling waterless car wash, Go Green/Get Yellow, to a local shop in Roswell GA.  The name of the Shop is Highlite Motorsports located in Roswell, GA.

The owner of Highlite Motorsports recently wrote a review about our products.  Please check out the pictures and article for yet, another great review.

Article - 

Waterless Car Wash: Does it work?

Im sure a lot of you guys may have heard of the Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash lately. A friend of mine Justin Bonnett recently launched his business and highly recommended the product. Like anyone else, off the bat I was a bit skeptical. I received a call from Justin a couple weeks ago about coming over to the shop and giving me a demonstration. So he came over showed me how to use the product and gave a quick demo on his personal car. It worked, so I figured Id give it a shot. 
    Since I bought the product the weather has been more or less wet. So I haven't really had a chance to use the product, at least not for its intended purpose, until today. I drive a Protege5 which for the most part stays pretty clean other than the rear hatch and bumper. Since I've added a straight pipe the smut build up on the rear has gotten that much worse. I started out with the left front fender and began to work my way back. Cleaning the fender, doors, and quarter were a breeze. Use one micro fiber to clean, and one to wipe the excess. Then I made it to the back where all the dirt and smut collects. If you look in the pic below you can see the difference from where I cleaned. Dont mind the crappy cell phone pics

 The waterless car wash still worked great even with the amount of dirt on the rear of the car. The problem came with wiping it clean. As it took more than one quick sweep to get it all off, and my cleaning cloth was quickly becoming saturated with filth. At this point I broke the hose out and washed the rest of the car with water, since the wheels were filthy as well. If you look below where I washed the drivers side with the Eco Auto Clean the water falls off of the car compared to the passenger side.

 So does it work? Yes it works but cars that have a lot of dirt build up its going to take a bit more elbow time. The good thing is once you get the car clean this is the perfect product to use to keep it that way with ease. From now on I'll just give the car a quick wipe down and use the water for when shes really filthy. The great part is you wont need water so you can do it in the garage or where ever. I have yet to get a water hose for my house so this will be perfect. The main thing that makes me pass on a car wash is time. You have to pull the bucket out, the soap, the hose, the rag, wash, rinse, repeat. With the waterless car wash you spray, wipe, wipe again and done. You could do it at the gas station! I was mainly worried about scratching my car without the use of water, but micro fiber worked well and didn't noticed any scratches after doing the drivers side with the Eco Auto Clean. 

I also did this miata before taking some pics. Worked GREAT!

All in all its a good product. Easy to use and gives results! For under $20 you can't beat it, you'll spend more than that trying to wash your car every week. Feel free to check out the website for the details and info on Eco Auto clean waterless car wash and other products!

All of Highlite Motorsports blog, pictures and other great information can be found on their website.

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