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Subaru Impreza owner goes Eco Auto Clean Waterless, amazing results!

Eco Auto Clean takes pride in sharing our waterless car wash users results.  These pics are submitted from a user that just recently ordered Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash.  Check out the pics that were submitted and the results our product provided!
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Subaru Impreza with Rally Armor mud flaps, owner submits waterless car wash photo 

All Wheel Drive Subaru Impreza after waterless car wash

Subaru Impreza with Subaru Badge of Ownership displayed!
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Eco Auto Clean User Submitted Photos!

Are you looking to start your own mobile waterless car wash business? Are you looking for wholesale detailing product? Visit for your eco friendly detailing product.  Check out some of these pictures that our authorized dealers as well as do it yourself enthusiasts have submitted.  One of our newest users of Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash ordered the 4 pack starter kit.  Check out the results (before/after) picture of the Subaru! Beautiful Results! Same as the results from the Lexus ES gas tank.  If you need some detail product for fun, or if you're in need of bulk detail product at a wholesale price, we can assist you with that as well!

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User Submitted Waterless Car Wash Photos

We at Eco Auto Clean always want to know your thoughts, comments, suggestions and would love to see your photos! Below are a few user submitted photos Eco Auto Clean received this weekend.  All these vehicles were detailed without water! How is this obtained? Through our waterless car wash products.  You can buy all four of our incredible waterless car wash products in our 4 bottle starter/combo kit! This combo kit contains everything you need to detail your vehicle virtually anywhere! All products are eco friendly, produce little to no run off, and will shine and protect your car greatly. Eco Auto Clean distributes the greenest method of car cleaning / car washing out there! Eco friendly is what we believe in!   


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Eco Auto Clean received some user submitted photos from a proud owner of a proud Subaru.  Eco Auto Clean delivered the 4 bottle starter kit and this is the results! Eco Auto Clean is proud to be involved with their users input and suggestions about the waterless car wash product. 

Check out the photos of this green, eco friendly method of car washing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Eco Auto Clean!

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Eco Auto Clean - Caffeine & Octane 4/1/12

Eco Auto Clean was onsite at Atlanta's Best Car Show, Caffeine & Octane.  This is a monthly meet of some of the most incredible vehicles in the Alpharetta GA area!  With an ever growing presence, Eco Auto Clean loves to check out the show each month.  Eco Auto Clean is huge on social media, including Twitter, Facebook and more.  This gives Eco Auto Clean a huge presence and the owner of a beautiful Rolls Royce Ghost noticed the EAC logo and bought some Go Green/Get Yellow Waterless Car Wash.

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Eco Auto Clean joins Bike Night - Hooters Lawrenceville GA

Eco Auto Clean did what they love! Talking to automotive enthusiasts and sharing the incredible uses for Waterless Car Wash.  Tonight Eco Auto Clean set up at the Hooters in Lawrenceville GA.  This was the first bike night of 2012 and was it a success! Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash was sold, demos were performed and the word is out! Eco Auto Clean strives to educate and demonstrate their waterless car wash products.  Check out the photos taken earlier in evening, when bike night just started. 

Need your own waterless car wash products or perhaps very own bike/travel waterless car wash kit? Check out 


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Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash now on

Eco Auto Clean stands behind their product and being green!  Want to know exactly how green Eco Auto Clean products are?  Eco Auto Clean products are now on LivinGreen is a company founded in 1999, and specializes in products for a healthier lifestyle. Check out the Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash Products - Go Green/Get Yellow Waterless Car Wash, Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner & our Microfiber Towels.

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Eco Auto Clean User loves results!

A recent user of Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash, recently purchased a 4 bottle starter kit.  There was some recent rain and they decided their vehicle needed to be cleaned for the 2nd time using Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash.  This client really enjoyed cleaning their vehicle the 2nd time, seeing how much easier the process was.  Applying Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash the first time is not difficult, but applying it the 2nd time, 3rd time and so on, becomes even easier. Check out the exterior, cleaned with the Go Green/Get Yellow Waterless Car Wash.  

The interior was cleaned with the extremely green, Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner. Once the dust and other debris were removed from the dash and other areas of the car, the Rise & Shine Tire Shine and High Gloss finish were applied through out to really make the inside shine! Check out the photos!

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Eco Auto Clean ships off great starter kit!

Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash received an order for one 4 Bottle Combo Deal. Do you need a combo deal to get your waterless car wash collection started?  Check out all of our amazing products and packages available for purchase today! 

The 4 bottle combo deal contains following incredible waterless car wash products and 8 microfiber towels.

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Attention All Subaru Owners! FREE Waterless Car Wash*

Highlite Motorsports in Roswell is one of many proud shops that use Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash.  They are running an incredible special right now! Check out this deal quoted from their Facebook page.

 *"Highlite Motorsports is currently offering a $200 timing belt/clutch special. That's right $200 special all work performed by factory Subaru trained technician. Inquire today for more info! All services will include a free bottle of Eco Auto Clean waterless carwash!!! 404-993-2590"

The team at Highlite will take care of your Subaru and any other vehicle for that matter! This is a great deal any Subaru owner would want to be a part of.  Contact them today and make sure you get your FREE bottle of our best selling waterless car wash, Go Green/Get Yellow

Click the link for the map!

*this giveaway of free Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash is done through Highlite Motorsports.  Call them for details 404.993.2590
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