New User Starts Side Business!

 Recently Eco Auto Clean was contacted by someone that was interested in the Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash Products.  The new client ordered the 4 bottle, 8 microfiber starter kit.

Once the client received the order and tried it out, they were hooked! They ended up cleaning their own vehicle and other family members vehicles as well. Amazed at the ease of use, the great results and the fact Eco Auto Clean products are green & safe (no listed hazardous ingredients, not petroleum based) to use car care products, they plan on starting their own side detailing business and they also presented the product to their company that owns a fleet of vans.  The company will be saving 100s of gallons of water a month, less time will be taken to clean each van and there will be longer times between cleanings because of the superior ingredients in Eco Auto Clean Waterless Car Wash. Need your fleet of vehicles cleaned or perhaps want to clean your own vehicle? Contact Eco Auto Clean today!