Own a car wash that uses water? Getting too cold? We're here for you!

Eco Auto Clean is a supplier of great waterless car wash products. These products are great for many reasons.  Using Eco Auto Clean is a great, green alternative to car washing.  Another great reason to use Eco Auto Clean waterless products are because of the cold temperatures in the winter.  Using Eco Auto Clean waterless car wash means you can clean a vehicle practically anywhere, including inside a garage!  This will keep you out of the elements of the weather while cleaning your vehicle.  

Eco Auto Clean was contacted yesterday by a client that currently uses water to detail their clients cars.  The cold weather has forced him into switching to waterless.  They contacted Eco Auto Clean ordering 1 gallon of the best selling, Go Green/Get Yellow Waterless Car Wash as well as the Rise & Shine tire Shine and High Gloss Finish.