Rise & Shine Tire Shine & High Gloss Finish

Eco Auto Clean demonstrates the amazing versatile use of the Rise & Shine Tire Shine and High Gloss Finish. The Rise & Shine was applied to the plastic below the windshield on a Scion XB.   Photographs were taken of a 36 day period.  The Rise & Shine was applied to only half of the plastic so the difference can really be seen. The product was in every day elements such as direct sunlight, driving (approx 2,290 miles), rain and more.  The Rise & Shine was sprayed directly onto the plastic and the surrounding areas were easily wiped cleaned with a microfiber. This product can be applied to mudflaps, mirrors, other plastic body moldings as well as the dash of your vehicle and other interior pieces. Other photos are of the front grille of a Chevrolet Colorado.  Check out the shine after the Rise & Shine was applied!
The Rise & Shine has a slick surface - do not apply where stepping is necessary or where slipping/harm may occur