Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner

The Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner is a power cleaner, yet gentle enough not to hurt your vehicle.  The Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner is great for removing interior stains, bird droppings, bugs & tar. This product is also great to have when needing to effectively break down brake dust. 

Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner does not contain petroleum solvents, no listed hazardous ingredients, does not contain dyes of deodorants that may result in allergic reactions, not based on harsh caustics or silicates and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
What are VOCs? VOCs are chemicals that can cause short and longterm adverse health effects.  More information about VOCs is available at the EPA website 
Here are a few shots, that used little effort to remove these stains.

Eco Auto Clean - Customer Carpet before, Before Eco Auto Clean removed stains with Eco Auto Clean All Purpose CleanerEco Auto All Purpose Cleaner - After, Carpet after a quick touch up from Eco Auto Clean's All Purpose Cleaner

Eco Auto Clean - Customer Headliner Before, This is a headliner of a Eco Auto Clean customer showing soda that exploded all over Eco Auto All Purpose Cleaner - After on Headliner, Eco Auto All Purpose cleaner removed these soda stains from the headliner quickly and effectively